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NBR’s Japan Forum (the "Japan Forum"), is a moderated, online email discussion forum open to all those interested in issues concerning U.S.-Japan relations, Japanese politics, economics, social issues, and security. Since its inception in 2000, the Forum has become an essential vehicle for discussion among academics, businesspeople, policymakers, students, and others on issues relating to Japan and Japan-U.S. relations. Over 850 individuals representing 25 countries are signed up to receive and contribute messages to the Forum, and many others read messages via the Forum's public web archive. To increase accessibility and foster member exchange, the Forum supports postings in both English and Japanese.

Dr. John Campbell, Professor Emeritus in political science at the University of Michigan, began serving as moderator in 2013. With help from back-up moderators, Dr. Campbell’s role is to keep discussions relevant and to maintain the Forum's integrity. As a nonpartisan, nonprofit research institute committed to the fundamental principles of integrity, objectivity, and independence, NBR does not condone or endorse any content posted to the Forum, nor does it support the selective rejection or approval of messages as a means to advocate any particular policy or position.

The Forum's Board of Advisors, a group composed of distinguished academics, officials, and businesspeople from the United States and Japan, provides invaluable guidance to NBR concerning the Forum's operations. Current funding for the Forum is provided by donations from Japan Forum members.



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